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Who are we?

Karpos Shoes is an outstanding leather company specializing in exceptionally made leather shoes proudly based in Nigeria.

Karpos is a fashion brand dedicated solely to giving you an all-inclusive list of the finest quality shoes and boots and leather products and however you want it; from ready-made to custom, all with an artistic and stylish finish.

Our Story

“I usually couldn’t help noticing when someone wore a wrong pair of shoes or when even the right pair lacked the artistic luster it should possess. So we got to work and began researching. The more we researched the more excited we became at the endless possibilities in a single pair of shoes” — Kehinde. Co-founder, Karpos Shoes.

We observed that for a lot of Nigerians, their shoe always seemed to be the least exalted part of their outfit, except it was a pair of flashy sneakers that were made in China or probably sent by a relative that lived overseas.

This isn’t necessarily because they have no interest in their shoes, but rather it seemed to be a case of the shoe not being worth showing off it wasn’t a foreign brand. Truly, a lot of locally made shoes are mostly limited and seemed to have so little.
As a result, many Nigerian-made shoes began using foreign brand names, in a plight to improve marketability, but not us. We want to give you made in Nigeria that you can proudly flaunt because we believe you can have it all in a single pair of shoes.
So we got to work. In 2016, we began pouring our research into remaking the identity of 9ja-made bespoke shoes, but we wanted to do so much more. In 2017, we decided to begin making ready-to-wear shoes as well and now we have taken things to the next level.
Karpos has been put all things in place and is now ready to launch Patina in Nigeria all because we want to change the notion of a Made-in-Nigeria pair of shoes. Now you can wear a Made-in-Nigeria brand with pride.

A storm’s been brewing over the horizon for some time now. It’s finally here!

To better understand why our shoes are different, please read the editorial on how the magic happens. Moreover, we don’t plan to achieve this at the expense of the environment click here to review our sustainable development goals.

“I believe this journey has been one of discovery. Our love for shoes has driven us beyond our limits.” — Taiwo (Co-founder, Karpos Shoes)

Why Karpos?

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

At Karpos, we care about our customers. We tailor each shoe to the your choice of design, style, shape, colour, and size, while making recommendations to suit your every need.

We believe in Quality

We believe in Quality

We strongly believe in taking time to painstakingly design every of our shoes. The choice of the leather, sole, other materials and the mode of manufacturing is of high importance to us.

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